Accessories (COPPER)


Oatey® 180 Open Mesh Cloth

Oatey® 180 Open Mesh Cloth features lightweight polyester/nylon and aluminum oxide abrasive designed for prepping copper pipe and fittings for soldering.

Oatey® 4-In-1 Brush

Oatey® 4-In-1 Brush is designed with long-lasting, high-carbon steel brushes for cleaning the outside dameter of copper or plastic tube.

Oatey® Acid Brushes

Oatey® Acid Brushes are designed for applying liquid or paste fluxes to piping prior to soldering

Oatey® Economy Fitting Brush

Oatey® Economy Fitting Brush are designed for cleaning the inside of copper fittings prior to soldering. They can also be used to clean brass and plastic.

Oatey® Flame Protector

Oatey® Flame Protector is a Zoltek Pyron®-based heat shield designed to protect studs, walls, floors and other surfaces from sparks or flames.

Oatey® Heavy Duty Fitting Brush

Oatey® Heavy Duty Fitting Brushes feature high carbon steel bristles designed for cleaning the inside of copper fittings prior soldering.

Oatey® O.D. Tube Cleaning Brush

Oatey® O.D. Tube Cleaning Brush cleans copper, brass and plastic piping with bristles made of strong, high-carbon steel.

Oatey® Plumber’s Abrasive Sandcloth

Oatey® Plumber’s Abrasive Sandcloth blends a lightweight but strong cotton-based fabric with a tough aluminum abrasive for cleaning copper pipe, fittings and other soft metals.

Oatey® Power Brushes

Oatey® Power Brushes are designed for cleaning 1/2" and 3/4" diamter copper fittings. The shafs fit 1/4" and 1/2" power drill chucks.

Oatey® Specialty Brushes

Oatey® Specialty Brushes offer stainless steel bristles for use with hard metal pipes or brass bristles for use with soft metal pipes.