Backwater Valves & Accessories

Oatey® Backwater Valves

Oatey® Backwater Valves are designed as a sewage check valve to prevent pumped water from flowing back into the basin.

Set-Rite® Toilet Flange Spacers

The Set-Rite® Spacers Kit includes all 4 individual spacers: 1/8", 1/4", 1/2", & 3/4". Our Set-Rite® Spacers will work for any new installation or repair on an existing toilet flange. If you are remodeling or installing a new floor (such as ceramic tile, marble, granite or wood), and your flange is below the finished floor level, you can use our spacers with any Set-Rite® Toilet Flange Extension Kit. The four individual spacers can be stacked to any height or can be snapped in half to support an existing closet flange.