MASTERS® CLAMP or CUT not only clamps (cinch) rings; it also cuts. The cutting feature activates with a spin of the activator pin so you don’t have to search for another tool. Ideal for new and re-routed supply lines or salvaging valves and fittings.

MASTERS® CLAMP or CUT works with ASTM F2098 certified clamp rings and makes F1807 PEX connectionsfast because you only need to carry the one tool for connections from 3/8” - 1”. The tool is also compatible with F2159 plastic PEX fittings.

• Secures F1807/F2159 PEX connections from 3/8” – 1”

• Clamp (Cinch) or Cut with a single tool

• Durable

• Light weight

• Compact

• Double Hot Dipped Handle

• Smooth ratchet activation requires less force than other tools

• Factory calibrated for use out of the box

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