MASTERS® EPOXY-PUTTY is a one part epoxy repair putty in a tape roll. It can be used to repair pipes and joints in hard to reach places without draining the system. Simply tear off the amount you need and store the rest for later use. It will cure at room temperature in 5-8 minutes, sealing liquids and gases up to 300 psi against leakage. It can withstand temperatures of –50°F to +300°F (-45°C to +148°C).

MASTERS® EPOXY-PUTTY will adhere to wet or dry surfaces including metal, glass, ceramic, cement, non-flexible plastic and painted surfaces. It will even cure underwater and will not contaminate liquids or gases. It can be sanded, drilled, filed and painted, hardening to a steel strength finish.

MASTERS® EPOXY-PUTTY can be used on:

  • Plumbing
  • Automotive
  • Electrical
  • Industrial Custom Formed Gaskets
  • And many other applications

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