MASTERS® FLAME PROTECTOR PADS are designed to protect walls, studs, floors and other surfaces from flames, sparks and abrasions that could occur during soldering. They are designed for wet or dry use, are asbestos free and generate minimal smoke and fumes. Fabric is durable, flexible, reusable and can be folded over to fit into tight spaces.

MASTERS® FLAME PROTECTOR PADS are available in Regular and Heavy Duty.

REGULAR features include:

  • Non-toxic silica based woven material is flame resistance to up 900°C (1,652°F).
  • Designed for use with Propane gas.

HEAVY DUTY features include:

  • Fibrous-felt heat shield is flame resistant up to 1,300°C (2,500°F).
  • Designed for use with higher temperature acetylene, MAPP and propane torches.
  • Material strengthens as it is exposed to heat and will not breakdown.

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