MASTERS® PAINTABLE SILICONE creates a water-tight, mildew and crack resistant seal, making it ideal for kitchen, bath and laundry rooms. The tube is easily squeezed by hand to give a consistent bead in tight spaces where a caulking gun simply can’t reach. The re-sealable cap prevents product from drying out after opening. When applied, clear silicone product is white, but dries to a clear finish.

MASTERS® Trim Plus Painter's Caulk

MASTERS® TRIM PLUS acrylic caulk is ideal for use in new construction or renovations. The 300mL cartridge is professional grade and the re-sealable cap helps prevent the product from drying out after opening.

is rated for interior and exterior use from -18°C to +71°C (0°F to +160°F) once cured. It leaves a professional finish between walls and cabinetry, baseboards, wainscoting, door casing, window casing, crown moulding, and mitred joints.

Oatey® Tub-N-Tile Caulk

Oatey® Tub-N-Tile Caulk is a flexible, general purpose sealant recommended for caulking bathtubs, sinks, showers and lavatories.